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Ibn Arabi – audio




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  1. enero 3, 2010 en 5:01 am

    Dear Maryam,

    Thank you very much for this audio. I listened to the English audio. Then I came here as I like the sound of spanish (even though I don’t understand it). It is a beautiful language for the ear.

    This is also a nice painting above. Could you tell me what it is?

    Thank you.

    All good wishes,


  2. enero 3, 2010 en 5:36 am

    Salam Dear Mo’in,

    Thank you. I have some audios on the other account in the beginning of my blog but that account was closed. Insha’Allah I will have more time to upload more audio in English and Spanish.

    About the manuscript above, this was sent to me long ago, about five years ago and I think it comes from a sufi manuscript from Persia although I could be wrong. If someone can help us with this I will be grateful.

    Much Love,


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